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TV on Demand iPlayer.me.uk is the definitive guide to watching TV from the internet on your PC or Home Media Centre. Getting access to television on the internet has never been easier, right now there are thousands of hours of popular TV programming available to either watch immediately or to download to your PC and watch later.

Many of these programmes, like popular soaps such as Eastenders from the BBC iPlayer, Coronation Street from ITV Catchup or Battlestar Galactica from Sky Player are totally free to watch again. Premium content films and other television shows where a small charge is made can also be accessed from services from Channel 4's 4oD.


Being able to selectively listen to or watch video and audio content on demand has been a reality since the first systems were initially developed in 1994. However in 2008, coupled with the explosion of fast internet access to the mainstream internet users in the UK, Video on Demand has come of age, with many providers of film and television content allowing access to their digital terrestrial or satellite material over the internet.

iPlayer.me.uk aims to introduce many of the current and upcoming Television and Film content channels that can be downloaded to your PC or played instantly on demand over the internet on your Home Media Center.

Over the coming decade, get used to watching Television and broadcast films in a new and exciting way. Watching the programmes you choose when you choose is the shape of things to come. iPlayer.me.uk shows you the future now.