ITV Player


ITV Player, with the strapline 'Watch top TV shows online for up to 30 days at', the TV on-demand service from does exactly what it says on the tin. Previously branded as ITV Catchup, ITV Player is a great way to see ITV programmes again.

ITV Player gives access across all the ITV channels to up to 30 days of the most recently broadcast television programmes, from an easy to use website. With each programme a short summary is presented along with the all important such how long has this programme got left to be watched.

Being a totally free to use service, ITV Player is an great addition to the UK TV online services from the well-known ITV terrestrial broadcaster giving access to ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4.

How ITV Player Compares

Website: 85%
85% Rating
Speed: 90%
90% Rating
Ease of Use: 90%
90% Rating
Overall: 85%
85% Rating

With a very simple to use website, the navigation to start watching favourite programmes is quick and easy. by using the calender buttons, the last 30 days of the most popular TV programming can be viewed instantly. All the content is watchable straight away and can be shown full screen, although at this size the video quality does suffer a bit.

The home webpage also breaks the choices down into 5 categories which are '30 Days Catchup' (as mentioned above), 'Soaps', 'A-Z', 'Programmes' and 'Top 10'. Each of these categories can be further filtered so exact TV shows can be choosen and watched.

Visually, the site is very well presented. There are lots of thumbnail images with overlayed descriptions so the TV shows can be quickly identifed and played. There is even a small selection entitled 'What about...' which gives a variety of programmes that might be good to watch.

Overall the ITV Player service is great, the website is simple and clean to navigate and the programmes on offer are top quality. With only 30 Days viewing available the amount of programmes to watch is inevitably limited, however this service is ideal if you want to catch up on episodes of Coronation Street or Emmerdale that you've missed. Excellent.